Mesic Reisen


Cancellations & Refunds

The trip cancellation must be made at the agency that issued the ticket. The company which acts as a service representative, has the right to withhold fees for a cancellation, the fees are in the document "processing fees" recorded and recognized in each of Mesic travel agency available.

The mandatory fees are charged when purchasing travel tickets and can-not be refunded.

Any change to the destination can be done by switching the passenger.

Travel tickets, which were paid not collected 3 days before departure / are negated by Mesic travel, nothing else should be agreed.

The bought and paid for tickets via the Internet can not be canceled, there is no refund possible.










Travel informations


NO SMOKING in all lines only vehicles are used. The smokers can enjoy themselves during breaks at stops and during breaks at highway rest stops.


For safety reasons, the Animals and pets are not allowed.

Return ticket

Slot reservation for the "outward" is made with the ticketing.

The reservation for the "return" on the tickets "open round trip" must be made at least 5 days before the scheduled Abfahrtsda-tum. Reservation will be accepted depending on the available space. The passenger has on the issue of the ticket already booked his place for the "return", in spite of everything he needs to confirm the date. Any change in itinerary and must immediately be notified immediately after the "outward" if the duration between "round trip" is more than 5 days. The carrier reserves the right to sell the unacknowledged places. Any ticket without ordnungsgemäßiges departure date is not valid and can be accepted only in case seats are available.

Board bus

The passenger must arrive 45 minutes before the departure of the bus on site. The boarding is completed 15 minutes before departure.
The carrier may on certain lines, a fee of CHF 2, - charge for check-in.


Children under 16 unaccompanied can not be transported.
National routes are prohibited.
According to Article 2 of the Regulation on the transport in public transport, 5 November 1986, applicable by analogy, can exclude the shipping company transporting people from that:
intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics;
behave itself unseemly;
the User and behavior rules or orders of the staff do not follow.

Responsibilities of the transport operator

The carrier, which has a ticket for a trip that will be effected by issuing another transport company acts only as a representative of the latter. Concerning package agreement of the transport contractor is only a representative of a travel agency, a hotel, restaurants, etc. and is not responsible for damages which result from their efforts.

The responsibility of the transporter covers physical damage which the traveler from boarding and alighting the bus until both actions included, could suffer, except for damages which have been caused by the passenger himself or through luggage special nature or their packaging. Complaints for loss or damage to luggage must be made by the traveler immediately upon arrival and no later than 10 days after the end of the trip.

The compensation for damage to registered baggage for which the passenger has specified a value can, the sum of CHF 300, - per person exceed - per bag and CHF 500. The applicable law of the transportation contract determines the payment. The transport contractor is not responsible for hand luggage, unless the traveler can prove that the carrier is responsible for the injuries suffered.

The carrier rejects all liability for damages. By delays and cancellations for each missed or through other transportation travel connection Thus, it can not accept any charges and any other consequences arising thereby.

The applicable law of the transportation contract determines the other cases for which the carrier is released from any responsibility.

The transportation contract and the liability of the transporter are subject to the rights of the country of the transporter, which has carried out the transport.

The shipping company reserves the right to make any changes, which keeps them in the event of unforeseen circumstances so require.

Administrative formalities

The passenger must comply with the regulations of the countries concerned, with respect to the travel, documents for entry, exit and other related issues of customs, taxation or other authority rules drawn up for his own person, his luggage and his hand luggage. The carrier accepts no responsibility for the traveler of those rules not followed.
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