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Mesic-Travel is a bus company with a focus on daily bus service between Switzerland and major destinations in Croatia. The bus Mesic trips combine both interesting tourist destinations on the Adriatic coast, as well as with the capital Zagreb and Slavonia major cities with major cities of Switzerland such as Bern, Basel, Zurich, St. Gallen and Lucerne.

The travel company MESIC - TRAVEL, was founded in 1991 in Rümlang.
For the past 21 years as we have a lot of experience with year-round made ​​bus and tourist traffic between Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia.
Our satisfied clientele consists mainly of tourists, people want to visit their family, sailors, divers, Wanderere, skiers, Senioere or students who want to learn the people who know culture and nature in beautiful Croatia and neighboring countries.










The Kvarner

It is located between the Istrian peninsula in the west and the Croatian coast in the east. The main town on the Kvarner is today the city of Rijeka. Inhabited islands of Kvarner are Krk, Pag, Cres, Losinj, Rab, Susak, Unije, Ilovik, Male and Vele Srakane. Their coasts are numerous important and also the oldest tourist destinations, such as the glamorous Opatija and Lovran. The Kvarnerland is also seen as the central area of the Croatian Croatian Primorye region (Croatian Littoral) - a precise statement is unusual in this rich structure coastline. It forms with the Trieste region of Italy and the Italian part of Istria 'Venezia Giulia', the Slovenian part of Istria Coast Country / Primorska, the Croatian part of Istria (Istria) and the south followed Dalmatia the Northeast coastline of the Adriatic Sea, and was up with the former from the High Middle Ages in the 20th Century as part of the Habsburg monarchy littoral plain, the coastal region, called.



Kvarner islands belong to the northernmost Croatian archipelago, which stretches to the Montenegrin islands to the Albanian border.
The Kvarner Bay itself is made up of the waters of Kvarner, Kvarneric and the Velebit Channel. As "the Kvarner" in the narrow sense, the sea area between the Istrian peninsula and the islands of Cres and Unije is called. The Kvarnerić between Cres and Lošinj, on the west, and the islands of Krk and Rab on the eastern side. Between the islands of Krk and Rab and the mainland is the Velebit Channel. This is one result of the Bora-frequency and a local jet action by the Velebit mountain, which has east to the inland of Nalkan towards a distinctive notch, to the dangerous waters in the world.
A tourist specialty is directly situated on the coast observation decks for viewing of tuna shoals here Tuneren called.

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