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Mesic Reisen


Mesic-Travel is a bus company with a focus on daily bus service between Switzerland and major destinations in Croatia. The bus Mesic trips combine both interesting tourist destinations on the Adriatic coast, as well as with the capital Zagreb and Slavonia major cities with major cities of Switzerland such as Bern, Basel, Zurich, St. Gallen and Lucerne.

The travel company MESIC - TRAVEL, was founded in 1991 in Rümlang.
For the past 21 years as we have a lot of experience with year-round made ​​bus and tourist traffic between Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia.
Our satisfied clientele consists mainly of tourists, people want to visit their family, sailors, divers, hikers, skiers, seniors or students who want to learn the people who know culture and nature in beautiful Croatia and neighboring countries.



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Welcome to MESIC TRAVEL and in Croatia

The Croatia offers throughout the year a lot of opportunities for everyone.
Be it sports, recreation, trips, passive and active holiday, beautiful and interesting landscapes for nature and romance lovers, rest for tired minds and bodies or picturesque villages, mountain or coastal areas to relax, enjoy popular Mediterranean cuisine, numerous heritage sites and natural parks to experience.
These range from skiing, to hiking, biking, swimming, diving, fishing and barnacles to good food and fine wines from local vineyards.


                                           Mesic Reisen